Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Happy post Easter Springtime to you all!

Please join us in prayer for The Dandelion Community and The Tree of Life Centre. In recent weeks The Tree of Life Centre, started by the church The Dandelion Community over 25 years ago, made the decision to move out of the Woodhouse Park building we have shared together with The Dandelion Community. There is uncertainty about staff jobs, volunteer opportunities and managing their future as The Tree of Life Centre. We pray for them. We also pray for ourselves as a church, as The Dandelion Community. As at Easter where there is death there is new life but we do need your active support, creativity and imagination about how Christ is calling us to be in Woodhouse Park with the gift of a large building! blessings. Rev Kate Gray

Monday, July 21, 2014

Urban Matthew - Good News from an urban perspective

There is a really interesting resource created in the UK from the perspective of people who are from urban places and spaces and are marginalised called Urban Matthew . I have been exploring it recently alongside The Gospel of Manchester, a printed resource we used in Wythenshawe for Lent. We have been pondering for a while about creating a specific Good News for Wythenshawe and would be interested in hearing from others about local contextual biblical & community stories woven together. We long to hear northern accents like our own when hearing Gospels online instead of American voices. We long to share the stories of local people who have reminded us of the stories of Jesus in new ways. We long to respond to a prompt from the Spirit of God to share, tell, be Good News storytellers where we are in ways which have not been tried before in Wythenshawe. Get in touch with us if you are a filmmaker, writer, broadcaster, publisher and interested in this kind of project to create The Wythenshawe Gospels by leaving a comment below or on our website or via Facebook The Dandelion Community. many thanks, rev Kate

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Exploring Emerging Church -

The Dandelion Community is part of The United Reformed Church which is part of Fresh Expressions UK. This v.short clip shares what Fresh Expressions is about and how it connects to people in the UK who are interested in connecting with spirituality and open to Jesus. 
The Dandelion Community is exploring what it means to be community, live faith and be real about who we are. We want to grow. We sense that it is time to go in a new direction and offer different forms and ways of making faith connect - Sunday morning church is one way, becoming a food-sharing community is another and making art together with conversations and prayer about life is another. 
We are interested to hear from and connect with people across the UK and the world who are moving or have moved away from more traditional forms of church and faith. We are open to learn and hope you will pray for us and we for you. God bless you today.